Photo of K Shanmugam at the UN from UN

The Select Committee on censorship yesterday (Jan 16) called for suggestions from members of the public, however, with an open threat. Singaporeans who submit their proposals must give a complete presentation including providing evidence, attending public hearings and standing before the Select Committee including Law Minister K Shanmugam to present their proposals. No remuneration or reward will be given, and the proposer is subject to full background checks, and may face prosecution if he did not declare any conflict of interests.

“These representations can be made in English, Chinese, Malay or Tamil and should include the author’s name, occupation, address, contact number, email address and NRIC/passport number; a brief description of the organisation (if any) that the representation is made on behalf of; any financial or other interest that the author (and the organisation he represents) has in the subject matter of the Select Committee’s inquires and whether the author is willing to appear before the committee to give evidence if required.”

This is the first time a public proposal is subjected to full background checks and stringent requirements.

The closing date for the proposal is Feb 28, 4.30pm. States Times Review editor Alex Tan will be submitting a proposal to the Select Committee.