Photo of dislodged HDB tiles from Facebook

Singapore’s Housing Development Board (HDB) declared that they will not pay for broken floor tiles which “popped out” due to poor workmanship. According to a Facebook post on Monday (Jan 15), HDB said that they will only go as far as to provide a list of contractors to do the repair work and they will not bear the costs of the repair:

“Should you need advice on the repair work, you can call our Branch Hotline at 1800-225-5432 (Weekdays: 8:00am to 5:00pm) or the Essential Maintenance Services Unit (contact details are listed on the lifts at your blocks). Our colleagues will arrange an appointment to visit your flat, and provide a list of contractors who can carry out the repair work.”

According to the HDB contract, all HDB dwellers are tenants on a lease. The end of the lease will see the HDB recover the property with no compensation. Henceforth damages to the interior building work should be covered by the land lord, HDB. Depending on the extent of the damage, the repair of the work can cost more than S$8,000.

PAP MP Liang Eng Hwa told state media Straits Times suggesting that the HDB offer microloans, and make some money from the interest rates off the cash loans from needy residents who could not afford the repair.

Due to the recent cold weather, the poor workmanship and low quality of the HDB tiles broke into pieces due to excessive thermal contraction and expansion. 38 HDB flats in Woodlands and surrounding northern precincts have been mostly affected. According to HDB, there were more than 700 cases in January alone.