Photo of Select Committee from SPH

Questions have surfaced on the credibility of the on the Select Committee and especially the choice of 9 members in the committee. With the exception of WP MP Pritam Singh who has been a long-term target of government-sponsored fake news, the other 9 appears to be just a proxy of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

A Select Committee is supposed to be impartial and deliver non-partisan recommendations for the good of the country. Unfortunately, this particular committee is clearly rigged and it’s result can only be similarly rigged.

Here is a look at the list and why people are questioning if they can be trusted:

1) PAP Law Minister K Shanmugam
The mongrel has a good track record of getting angry over criticisms posted on the internet. Law Minister K Shanmugam sitting on the Select Committee only means one thing: censorship. K Shanmugam’s presence in the committee is heavily biased and imbalance, considering his notorious threats to shut down news media websites. Just at his earlier statement in Parliament below and tell us how balanced he can be:

“My own view is that combating falsehoods is not contrary to the exercise of freedom of speech. In fact, keeping falsehoods out of our discourse enables freedom of speech to be meaningfully exercised.”

2) PAP-Nominated MP Chai Yong Yong
The only audacious MP to suggest “CPF is not your money”. In question here is not only her credibility, but also her sanity. What depth can her contribution be? Be prepared for absurdity to blown out of scale.

3) PAP MP Edwin Tong
Lawyer of City harvest church’s Kong Hee. Enough said. The only concern is how much is he paid for his time in the Select Committee.

4) PAP Deputy Speaker Charles Chong
Charles Chong have been in politics for 30 years, and made zero contribution or notable suggestion worthy of mention. This is your typical senior staff members sitting in a big organisation who keeps his mouth shut and swagger around doing nothing. Give him the useless Deputy Speaker position at least, the party must have thought.

5) PAP Minister Desmond Lee
One of the key bullies of Workers’ Party over the Aljunied town council in Parliament. The newly-promoted Minister has to pay dividends in loyalty to the ruling party, and this is the only reason why he sits in the committee.

6) PAP MP Sun Xue Ling
An empty vase for display. The pretty lady (for her age) is just another Tin Pei Ling: useless but at least she knows how to keep her mouth shut unlike the latter.

7) PAP Minister Janil Puthucheary
An ex-Malaysian who has never served National Service. How trustworthy. This Minister himself is a security threat to the country.

8) PAP MP Seah Kian Peng
Every organisation has a cog. This is one.

9) PAP MP Rahayu Mahzam
8 speeches in a single year. This MP is selected clearly to remind her to attend Parliament and do some work for her S$192,000/year part-time MP job.