Photo of graduates from HROnline

According to the latest salaries survey conducted by local polytechnics, poly grads saw their salaries decline in 2017 and poorer job opportunities in the market. Poly grads who completed National Service are the hardest hit, with median gross salaries reduced from S$2,517 to S$2,480 in 2017.

When accounted for the 0.6% inflation in 2017, two out of five categories – Applied Sciences and Engineering – saw falling salaries while the rest – Business, Health Sciences and Information Technology – saw their salaries saw only a S$50 increase. Applied Sciences have the worst-paying salaries at S$2,050, while the best-paid are from the Health Sciences.

Graphic from Employment Survey 2017

Employment prospects-wise, polytechnic graduates are badly hit with 12.7% being unable to find a full-time job within six months after graduation. This is 4.6% higher than a year ago in 2016.

The 2017 Graduate  Employment Survey Committee also commented that many students found that a diploma is inadequate and proceeded to pursue further studies.

The employment statistics for university graduates is equally as gloomy, with a 50% jump in fresh grads turning to part-time work as they were unable to find employment.