Photo of Parliament from Straits Times

According to a state media interview with former PAP Nominated MP Eugene Tan, Workers’ Party MP Leon Perera may face a fine or jail sentence if the latter does not apologise to the ruling party or if his apology is not accepted. Eugene Tan, a law professor with Singapore Management University (SMU), told the Chinese state media papers that Grace Fu as the Leader of the House has the power to convey a special committee to convict the Opposition MP.

Under the Constitution written by the dictatorship, the Select Committee may be set up to “deal” with matters extra-judicial including the removal of Parliamentary privileges where a MP cannot be prosecuted for any views he state in Parliament.

The Leader of the House position is appointed by dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who is currently removing the Opposition Workers’ Party through legalised corruptions. Three other WP MPs – Low Thia Kiang, Sylvia Lim and Pritam Singh – are sued for making S$33 million in “improper” town council payments. The three MPs will also face jail sentence once convicted by the local judiciary.

In a formal letter published on Wednesday (Jan 3), PAP Minister Grace Fu demanded that Opposition MP Leon Perera retract his earlier statements accusing the local state media Mediacorp of editing parliamentary videos. Mediacorp, then, claimed that it was a “technical glitch” which resulted in the omission of embarrassing parts of the debate the ruling party does not want aired. According to the threat by Minister Grace Fu, WP MP Leon Perera will also be required to issue a public apology to Mediacorp and the ruling party government or face consequences.