Photo of Grace Fu from facebook video

PAP Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu yesterday (Jan 3) publicised her letter demanding Opposition MP Leon Perrera to apologise for insulting the government media Mediacorp during a parliament sitting on 7 Nov 2017.

On 7 Nov 2017, Opposition MP Leon Perera questioned the Senior Minister of State in-charge of propaganda, Chee Hong Tat, why did the government ban the public release of full video footage for Parliament proceedings. In making his case, Workers’ Party MP Leon Perera pointed out that the government state media Mediacorp have been biased in their video editing and that the videos are censored and edited. MP Leon Perera also recounted that Mediacorp deliberately omitted several scenes during the Presidential Election debate and that the state media only rectified the omission after the MP sent in a complaint email. Minister Chee Hong Tat, then, vehemently denied that the 154th-ranking state media is biased and insisted that the WP MP had been lying about the “technical glitch”.

Minister Grace Fu today now charges the Opposition MP for “misleading” Parliament and being “unscrupulous”:

“MPs enjoy Parliamentary privilege so that they can speak freely in Parliament, to surface views from their constituents and the public. However, in their Parliamentary interventions MPs must be scrupulous with fact…Mr Perera’s allegations are a serious matter, as they amount to a misrepresentation of facts and if left uncorrected, a misleading of Parliament.”

The PAP Minister demanded that the Opposition MP declare his statements during the earlier Parliamentary session were “untrue”, withdraw them and apologise to Singapore.