Photo of PAP kindergartens from Yahoo

In the last leg of 2017’s slew of inflation yesterday (Dec 31), Singapore’s largest childcare center and and kindergartens by PAP Community Foundation (PCF) will raise school fees by 5%, up to S$33 a month. The inflation will take effect immediately today (Jan 1), with the preschool authority Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) giving it’s endorsement.

The PCF spokesperson faulted the price increase to their teachers:

“The fee increase is in tandem with the increase in our investments in curriculum and upgrading our pre-schools’ learning environment, as well as the employment of qualified teachers who continue to receive on-going professional development.”

In Singapore the cost of childcare is among the world’s most expensive. Excluding 7% GST, full-day child care can cost up to $720, $1,275 for full-day infant care and $160 a month for kindergarten.

According to the government statutory board, child care operators will raise schools between 5% and 10% in 2018 “to ensure sustainability”. The ECDA also issued a fake news claiming that their statistics show that childcare fee is “stable”:

“The median childcare fee for in 2018 is expected to remain stable at $856 a month – similar to 2016.”

Singaporeans are expected to take home S$1,000 lesser in 2018, based off a calculation on tax increases announced in 2017.