Screenshot of Lee Hsien Loong having fun in video from Facebook

It may sound crass but my New Year wish is for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to get terminal cancer. Having seen how cancer brought pain and sufferings to my loved ones, I fully understand what I am really wishing for.

My primary wish for Singapore is to be a better society, and this warrants the death of the dictator. His policies are literally killing Singaporeans – employment, education, healthcare, quality of life, meritocracy, equality, democracy and you-name-it, every aspect of our Singaporean lifestyle has been deteriorating each year since Lee Hsien Loong came to power in 2003.

If Lee Hsien Loong is not already scum enough shamelessly drawing the world’s highest salaries at S$2.6 million a year from our coffers, the useless son of Lee Kuan Yew destroyed our very own Singaporean value system. We Singaporeans grow up in law-abiding, valuing meritocracy, multiculturalism and equality as cornerstones of Singapore. Lee Hsien Loong ruined it all with his election fixing antics during the Presidential Election. An Indian became Malay and an election was won with disqualification of opponent contestants. The Parliament became his playground, and he openly abused power to overwrite his late father’s will. A dishonourable son indeed, as Lee Wei Ling succinctly put in. Lee Hsien Loong banished his younger brother and now wants to put his nephew Li Shengwu to prison because the Harvard professor-to-be is more capable than his own three sons. Lee Hsien Loong even planted his son Li Hongyi as director of Ministry of Communications and Information, so he could then hand over the premiership as his father did for him.

The political system is beyond repair, democracy is dead, with the stupid old man who is more interested growing his popularity taking selfies like an Instagram celebrity. The worst about Lee Hsien Loong is his reverse-Robinhood policies, every single year without fail robbing the poor to feed the rich. CPF money are leaking away with devious schemes like insurances, and despite the fake news generated by the state media, the best measurement of CPF’s success is still in the number of elderly struggling to make a living in Singapore. Elderly, many much older than Lee Hsien Loong, are still working 8-hour shifts on S$5 an hour as cleaners and security guards. Like uneducated foreigners, Singaporean elderly is a common source of slave labour in Singapore, is my answer to foreigner friends who visited Singapore. Despite given dictatorial powers and controls, Lee Hsien Loong could not deliver a decent standard of living for the people.

The last straw that made me wrote this article is the numerous news of inflation coming in 2018. It has become even unbearable for me here in Australia having to write doom and gloom about Singapore everyday. My condolences to those living in Singapore bearing the full consequences of Lee Hsien Loong’s mistakes.

Everything is so wrong and corrupted, that an outright death penalty for Lee Hsien Loong is considered only a reduced sentence. For the good of Singapore, I wish him a slow and painful death. This is beyond politics or hatred, Singapore needs Lee Hsien Loong to pay for his crimes.

STR Editor
Alex Tan