Photo of Ng How Yue and Tin Pei Ling from sglinks

In the latest media release by Singapore Power (SP Group) today (Dec 29), electricity tariff will increase by 6.3%. According to SP Group, the increase means each HDB household will see their monthly utility bill go up by at least an increase of S$4.78.

A check on SP Group profit show that the company made a net profit of S$948.8 million for 2016. SP Group has never once gone into losses, and makes nearly S$900 million every year for the past 8 years.

The government-owned monopoly power supplier blamed higher cost of natural gas for the increase and the government saying that the increase is not their decision:

“SP Group reviews the electricity tariffs quarterly based on guidelines set by the Energy Market Authority (EMA), the electricity industry regulator.”

The Chairman of EMA is PAP MP Tin Pei Ling’s husband Ng How Yue, who was promoted 4 times in 5 years to assist the government in fixing electricity charges.