Screenshot from Facebook

The Singapore government has created a new train breakdown notification Facebook group, called TATA SMRT, as an alternative for commuters to post updated breakdown information not officially announced. However, prior to joining the group, one has to agree that they do not criticise the Singapore government or post any negative comment. Criticising the government will result in a permanent ban.

According to sources within the ruling party grassroots community, TATA SMRT Facebook is created by PAP grassroots leaders from the western region of Singapore. One of the administrators was also a member of the PAP Internet Brigade, a paid online troll group that infiltrate online forums and commentaries to post positive comments for the government.

TATA SMRT Facebook group have been posting invites to join their group at news articles on train breakdowns. The group however failed to provide timely or accurate notification updates, after cross referencing with official reports and other commuter-sourced notifications.

The Singapore government has been ramping up on propaganda and self-cooked statistics in recent years due to the worsening state of public transport. The key culprits behind the slew of breakdowns, SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek and Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan, remain in power despite having control for more than 5 years.