Photo of Keat Hong Pride from Medicorp

According to a resident complaint to the media, 100 HDB households who just moved in to the newly-built BTO HDB flat Keat Hong Close Blk 805D will have to share only one lift until February next year. The BTO HDB flat saw it’s two HDB lifts taking turns to break down continuously in the past few months, and on Thursday (Dec 21) one of them was shut down permanently for repair.

A resident wrote in the following complaint:

“I think you would agree with us that it is ridiculous that a relatively new lift needs 4 months to be repaired. Keat Hong Pride TOP in 2016 and the lease started in May 2017. From what we noticed, we have a neighbour living in high floors permanently disabled using the feeding tube and some neighbours still renovating their house. The remaining lift is heavily utilised – we can’t imagine the consequence of this lift breaking down. There are only 2 lifts servicing 19 floors of residents and 1 is already down till February. The remaining lift has to work twice as hard as before. When the school reopens, we can’t imagine how long we have to wait for the lift since it’s already stopping at multiple floors each time. It’s going to take on twice the load too. Btw, the update on the lift came only close to 1 month after the breakdown. Why? Because residents started to question in writing and by phone. How long did SMRT take to ship their carriage back to China? How long did Terrex take to come back o Singapore from China?

A frustrated resident of Block 805D, Keat Hong Close, Keat Hong Pride (or the lack of it)”
Photo of Chua Chu Kang Town Council notice

According to state media, Chua Chu Kang GRC PAP Town Council sent representatives to each household explaining that the broken lift will need to wait until February 2018 for a machine spare part to arrive from overseas. Blaming lift contractor Sigma, the PAP Town Council said the delivery is taking longer because the machine part is large and can only be delivered via shipping freight.

Residents who just moved into the new HDB BTO said they have to wait up to 15 minutes to use the lift. The residents who expressed worries that the only functioning lift left may not be working for long because it would often shake violently when ferrying passengers.