Photo of Singapore maids from Today

After releasing an international independent survey by  Research Across Borders which found 60% of the maids in Singapore are being exploited, Sydney-based researcher Anja Wessels told Singapore state media TodayOnline that she is confident of her report and that she welcomes the Singapore government or anyone else to contest her research.

Earlier on 2 Dec, the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) issued a press statement rejecting the findings of the survey conducted by Research Across Borders. The MOM claimed that 97% of the maids they surveyed are satisfied with their employment conditions. Yesterday, Singapore’s Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME) also dismissed the independent survey as lopsided.

Responding to the Singapore regime’s negative recipience, Research Across Borders director Anja Wessels said her report is based off the United Nations International Labour Organisation (ILO) standards:

“We have been transparent in our dealings and findings with HOME and stands by her findings.It is very important to note that despite HOME’s concerns, after much pre-release due diligence I remain confident in my right to publish. We welcome a professional discourse with the group on the contentious findings and continues to offer open lines of communication. The report has adopted the ILO’s framework in measuring the indicators of trafficking of adults for labour exploitation, adapted to the national context. In the report, you’ll find a detailed description on how each indicator was assessed via so-called sub-indicators. Additionally, we also added in the appendices all information as to how these initial sub-indicators were derived… I encourage all to read the report and form their own opinions.”

Survey 80 employers and 700 maids in Singapore, the 152-page report found that most maids work excessive hours or days. Singapore’s ministry shot down the report criticising it as misleading and it’s research methodology “improper”.