Screenshot of Facebook video Tan Chuan Jin

Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin posted on Facebook  complaining that he had been scolded by his residents whenever he told them he was unable to help. The former army general gave no information or context of what the request was about and played victim, crying on his Facebook page:

“A couple came to see me for some help. It wasn’t possible and I tried to explain why but they didn’t quite accept it and began chastizing us for a lack of care and concern. It didn’t matter that we continue to assist in other ways or that we were actively helping many of their neighbours. But such is how it can be at times.

The PAP MP also recounted that he brought his two teenager children to the Meet-the-People (MPS) session on Monday (Dec 18). Speaker Tan Chuan Jin apparently saw no inappropriateness when MPS sessions are supposed to be private hearing sessions between a MP and his constituents.

Tan Chuan Jin was recently demoted from his ministerial positions and forced to take a 50% pay cut as the new Speaker of Parliament. The former career military general underperformed in his ministries due to a lack of experience, until he was dismissed. However, the dictatorship appointed him as the deputy Chairman of Mandai Park Holdings recently, to supplement his income. Tan Chuan-Jin will only be performing his S$550,000-a-year Speaker role part-time.