Photo of K Shanmugam from TodayOnline

After seeing criticisms against the judges over a high profile murder case, Law Minister K Shanmugam slammed Singaporeans for expressing opposing views saying he is “troubled” over what he read. The country’s top dog minister said Singaporeans should not disagree with the judiciary and they should have blind faith in the judges:

“I can understand the anger that many feel. At the same time, I am troubled by how some people have expressed their views. An online petition seeking harsher sentences was filed; and aspersions were cast on the defence lawyers’ characters… As a society, we have to try and avoid putting public pressure on judges to impose harsh/lenient sentences. We have a well-functioning court system. We must have the confidence that our judges will do the right thing.”

On Monday (Dec 18), the Singapore Court downgraded the original murder charge for the couple who tortured a mentally disabled lady for over 8 months and eventually leading to her death. The couple were jailed 16 and 14 years each for “causing grievous  hurt”. The sentencing caused outpouring anger and outrage among the public, especially for those who had read the gruesome torture in details.

In his Facebook post, the foul-mouthed Law Minister K Shanmugam scolded  Singaporeans saying they are “uncivilised”:

“We ought to be a civilised society, observing the Rule of Law, while expressing our unhappiness and moral outrage when seeing such conduct as in this case.”