Photo of Law Minister K Shanmugam from AFP

Picking ‘easy causes’ like supporting police enforcement of police raids on illegal gambling dens and brothels, Law Minister K Shanmugam went around snapping on his critics on the internet knowing that he have a good public support behind these easy causes. The minority groups who fight against popular regulations like death penalty are not new to public berating from the media-whore Law Minister who often pick on these minorities believing they are easy targets.

Minister K Shanmugam loves the media highlights featuring him tough-talking, or more commonly known as trash talking. Shameless Shanmugam knows he have a majority support picking these ‘easy causes’ and his public barking is a constant reminder who is the top dog in Singapore.

Going on Facebook and conducting himself like an online troll is fully justified, since he is defending our hardworking policemen isn’t it? Truth be told, K Shanmugam lacks decorum and his behaviour is a disgrace as a Singapore minister. His arguments are all about shaming his critics and publicly exhibiting his abilities as a senior counsel to pour sarcasm is just distasteful.

A true leader looks to unite his critics without driving a wedge further into the division in views. A good reference would be President Barack Obama, where many may disagree with his policies, his critics would still credit him for making the effort to heal the divisions.

On the contrary, the Singapore’s esteemed Law Minister just goes around snapping and challenging every critic to file a lawsuit against him like a political gangster. The fascist leader is building a cult personality centred around himself, gathering supporters against other causes to support his other political agendas like media censorship. People who like K Shanmugam fell for his false dichotomy, for example, if you support the police, you support the banning of public protests. Or if you are against drugs, prostitution and street gangsters, it means you support the Singapore ruling party government.

Similarly, the fork-tongued snake also often mislead everyone into believing the other way: that if you oppose the death penalty, you are supporting the criminals. Or that if you support the opposition, it means you are against law and order.

STR Editor
Alex Tan