Photo of Li Shengwu on 12 Aug 2017 from Reuters

After his dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong abused power to charge him for contempt of court, Li Shengwu evaded the US representative of the Singapore Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) 11 times who wanted to serve him the Singapore courts papers.

Dodging between his home in Cambridge and his workplace in Harvard University for over two weeks between Oct 2nd and Oct 14th, Li Shengwu was finally “caught” to receive the courts papers in person at his work desk on Oct 17th. The 1,300 pages courts documents sent by the Singapore AGC, was triggered from a 50-word private Facebook post of Li Shengwu, which criticised the Singapore government of being “very litigious” and the judiciary “pliant”.

Screenshot from Li Shengwu Facebook

The AGC has earlier declared that is no such thing as privacy on Facebook, and that when anyone in Singapore who has access to the “offending” article means one is guilty for contempt of court. The contempt of court charge have a maximum penalty of a fine up to S$100,000 and a jail of 3 years.

The current Attorney General is PM Lee Hsien Loong’s former private lawyer Lucien Wong. The deputy AG is Hri Kumar, a former PAP MP under the PM. The PM has on several occasions abused his powers to exert pressure on his siblings, who oppose his desire for a political dynasty. Lee Hsien Loong’s son Li Hongyi is currently a director with the propaganda ministry, Ministry of Communications and Information. According to the PM’s younger sister Lee Wei Ling, the dictator is trying to build a fascist state based off their father Lee Kuan Yew and himself as the monarchy of Singapore. His son Li Hongyi will eventually inherit the premiership through legalised corruptions as Lee Hsien Loong did.

The contempt of court charge is to ensure that Li Shengwu, a Harvard University professor, do not return to Singapore and contest with Li Hongyi for political powers.