Photo of K Shanmugam from AFP

Unhappy with what he read on Facebook, Law Minister K Shanmugam took to social media and engaged in a back-and-forth quarrel with online critics. The Law Minister first posted on Saturday (Dec 9) on his Facebook page saying that he support police operations on raiding illegal brothels and disgracefully conducted himself by pouring sarcasm on online critics:

“Police cannot be expected to knock on the door, and wait for a response. What do we expect – the gangsters (who might be present) will open the door, and politely admit to their actions? And even if gangsters are not present, we expect the women involved to be co-operative?”

After reading more criticisms online, the Law Minister snapped and made another post on Sunday night (Dec 10), continuing the bickering and attacking his critics. Minister K Shanmugam wrote a frantically long 447-word essay to rebut his critic, and as of press time has not taken any legal action yet.

State media Straits Times featured the esteemed Minister as headline news for his take against online criticisms.

This is not the first time the narrow-minded fascist Minister took to Facebook to quarrel with online critics. Minister K Shanmugam is infamous for having a short fuse and making litigious threats against his critics. Earlier in June this year, the Minister threatened to shut down States Times Review and arrest the website’s “local collaborators” in Singapore.