(Left to right) Li Hao Yi, Li Shengwu, Lee Hsien Loong, Ho Ching and Li Hong Yi

The Singapore Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) yesterday (Dec 9) defended the government’s lawsuit against Li Shengwu declaring that his private post “does not entitle him to privacy”:

“Mr Li Shengwu, 32, may have put his Facebook privacy settings on ‘friends only’ when he published a post that allegedly attacked the independence of Singapore’s judiciary, but this does not entitle him to claim privacy.”

The nephew of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is currently being sued by the Singapore government for his private Facebook post lamenting that the government is “very litigious” and the judiciary is “pliant” to the dictatorship. Li Shengwu’s Facebook page is however spied upon by the dictatorship regime, and a government spy took a screenshot of the “offending” post and handed it over to the AGC to press charges.

The AGC insisted that it does not matter whether Li Shengwu has intentions to undermine public confidence and his effort to make amendments after shows he is guilty:

“For the case to proceed, it is not necessary to prove Mr Li intended to undermine public confidence, only that he intentionally published the post. This intentional act was indisputable. Mr Li subsequently amended parts of it, but AGC said his amendment of the post to clarify its meaning showed he was aware the phrase “pliant court system” was open to being understood at face value. It could be taken to mean the Singapore judiciary is easily influenced.”

The AGC also told the Singapore Courts that any material attacking the Singapore government is illegal so long as it “can be accessed in Singapore”:

“It is irrelevant whether the material was posted outside Singapore. Since it can be accessed in Singapore, its publication occurs in Singapore.”

Li Shengwu’s father, Lee Hsien Yang, and his mother are currently on self-imposed exile in Hongkong, after the dictator PM accused his brother and sister-in-law of doctoring the last will of their father Lee Kuan Yew. In the last will, Lee Kuan Yew discharged Lee Hsien Loong as the executor of his estate and instead appointed his younger siblings – Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling – to ensure that the dictator PM do not build a memorial out of their residence 38 Oxley Road.