Photo of Tan Chuan Jin from Straits Times

After taking a 50% pay cut from his ministerial demotion, Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan Jin is now rewarded with a Chairman appointment at Mandai Park Holdings to supplement his income. The part-time Speaker of Parliament is a former army general who has zero private sector working experience, and he received his deputy Chairman position through cronyism.

Tan Chuan Jin is expected to receive S$100,000 a year and his job scope at the national zoo remains undisclosed. There is also no statements justifying how Tan Chuan Jin earned the merits or possess the right skill set for the deputy chairman portfolio.

The Chairman of the Mandai Park Holdings is also a crony of the dictator Prime Minister, S Dhanabalan, who also sits as a member of the Council of Presidential Advisers (a powerful council limiting the powers of the Singapore President).

Mandai Park Holdings manages the Wildlife Reserves comprising of all the zoos in Singapore. According to state media CNA, there are 10 directors and 2 chairmans in the government-linked company (GLC). GLCs are hot beds for military cronies with no experience to land a job in. The directors of state media Singapore Press Holdings, the director of SportSg and several directors of other GLCs are all former army generals.

Despite blatant corruption and rampant cronyism practising in the Singapore government, corruption perception is among the lowest in the world due to legalised corruption. The regime legalise every corrupt act including paying the most salaries for Ministers, media censorship, Constitution rewriting and conducting a racist election.