Photo of GBU31 bomb from Mindef

In a propaganda report by state media ChannelNewsAsia, the Singapore’s air force (RSAF) spent an undisclosed amount dropping eight one-tonne bombs in a single training exercise at US Phoenix. Like North Korea showing off their intercontinental ballistic abilities, the Singapore dictatorship military boasted that they “destroyed enemy targets with precision accuracy” with GPS-guided bombs (GBU-31) by two made-in-US F15s:

“The RSAF can use the GBU-31 bombs to destroy larger targets more quickly, as compared to using multiple 500-pound bombs. The 2,000-pounders have the potential to disable enemy surveillance systems, ground based air defence systems and command posts in a single strike.”

One F15 cost an estimated S$40 million with yearly maintenance costs running into millions and a GBU-31 bomb cost about S$100,000. The estimated total cost of the 16-days-long training exercise is at an esimated S$30 million, with S$800,000 of 8 bombs spent in a single day and up to 150 bombs dropped during the entire training exercise.

Like all dictatorships, Singapore have a deep wallet for it’s military despite having little money for it’s impoverished low income citizens. Singapore’s Defense Budget is at a all-time record high of S$14.2 billion (about 23% of total spendings), and the regime might be considering nuclear weapons as the dictator Prime Minister is pondering over a nuclear plant on a floating platform. According to sources familiar with the elitist leadership, the Singapore government is currently tussling for ownership of Pedra Branca – a rock 44km to the east of Singapore – to secure it as a possible nuclear facility.