Photo of Nicole Seah crying from Straits Times

After years of silence, opposition candidate Nicole Seah has surfaced at a political event with the country’s leading opposition party, the Workers’ Party (WP). According to state media Straits Times, 31-year-old Nicole Seah is now at East Coast GRC and looking to be an election candidate for the coming general election in 2020.

According to sources close with the WP, Nicole Seah deliberately picked the East Coast GRC because it offers the highest chances of being voted in. Aljunied GRC and Hougang SMC are “out of reach” for Nicole Seah as these areas are “reserved” for the higher-ranked WP members in the inner circle of trust known as the WP Central Executive Committee (CEC).

The East Coast GRC is one of the most hotly-contested GRCs in Singapore due to the unpopularity of Minister Lim Swee Say. The useless Manpower Minister is infamous for his gaffes and childish campaign phrases like “upturn the downturn” and “cheaper better faster”.

Nicole Seah is a former National Solidarity Party (NSP) member who resigned in 2014, claiming she is “quitting politics”. She suffered a mental breakdown in 2013 saying that she is unable to live up to the expectations of the people around her, and that several men dated her because of her political image. She skipped the 2015 GE and did not make any contribution to the opposition cause.