Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from CNA

Singaporeans like to laugh at Malaysia’s bumi putra policies and other countries for either instituting racism or lack of adequate policing on racism. While it is true racism is not a problem in Singapore, the cancer of Singapore’s society is fascism.

To Singaporeans who were indoctrinated with “Singapore is a democracy” beliefs or are simply ignorant about the different types of governments, the exemplar of fascism will be Nazism. Fascism is an authoritarian dictatorship under a single ruling party. So who is the dictator? Well, just ask yourself who is one man you can never criticise without being paid a visit by the Special Investigation branch? Lee Hsien Loong.

Singapore is a fascist state for dictator Lee Hsien Loong. His political party, the ruling party PAP, promotes fascist beliefs like “strength in unity” and “Singapore does not need Opposition parties” over democratic concepts like “fair elections” and “majority rule, minority rights”.

While most would be familiar with the harms of racism, very few except the victims themselves could point out the evils of a fascist state. Singapore is a very wealthy country, but to share it’s wealth, one must subscribe to the ruling party’s belief. It is no surprise the very well-off are usually cronies or friends of the dictatorship, and many successful high-flyers are either PAP grassroots leaders, PAP members or military officers. In short, opportunities are limited for those who oppose the ruling party dictatorship.

Meritocracy is a lie in Singapore, because being supportive of the PAP is key consideration for merits. Try being the top of the cohort and openly express your opposition to the ruling party; you will soon find yourself deserted by fascist supporters or those in fear of offending the ruling party.

Fascism exhort nationalist loyalty, since being loyal to the country means being loyal to the ruling party government. This resulted in cronyism. It is common knowledge that Lee Hsien Loong became Prime Minister only because his father is Lee Kuan Yew. Family members of the fascist leadership are well-treated: Khaw Boon Wan’s daughters with lacklustre academic results are with GIC and Singapore Technologies. Lee Hsien Loong’s son Li Hongyi is a director with the propaganda ministry, MCI. The lucrative and well-paying jobs in government-linked companies and statutory boards are reserved for the sons and daughters of the fascist leadership. The immediate family members are the priority group in Singapore granted with preferential treatment and favouritism.

The second group of fascists are those who are of commoners’ birth, but pledged their loyalty to the ruling party. This is where meritocracy come into play because their level of commitments to the PAP determine the amount of merits they have. It does not matter if you are a Singaporean at birth or a new citizen, so long as you further the fascist government’s interests and proven yourself useful, you will be rewarded. PAP grassroots leaders are largely prosperous because of lucrative government contracts.

Then there are the third group of fascists: those who are competent in their field of work but refuse to partake in fascism nor the denouncement of the fascists. They turn a blind eye to fascism and avoid political discussions. This group is tolerated because they are good at their work but they will never participate in politics even when they are invited to.

And there is the last group, the 30% who voted against the ruling party and reject fascism. They are the bottom feeders of Singapore society earning below median income salaries and working 60 hours a week in the harsh private sector. GDP growth has nothing to do with these underclass, their salaries will always be depressed and they only get to enjoy GST credits and occasional CPF top-ups from the government. Having no ruling party network links nor a single referral from their school teachers or the army, most Singaporeans from this group will not even be considered for the Civil Service or a receptionist job at any of the government-linked companies. They live paychecks to paychecks, despite working hard. If they are unfortunate and fell ill or become unemployed, the ruling party’s mantra of “nobody owes you a living” will be chanted to them as if they have not heard it before in schools. They worry about everything financial – money for family building, money for house and money for retirement. The more vocal ones become unemployed, jailed or made bankrupts – or beaten until they conform.

A society that divides heaven and hell affecting 30% of the population is worse than racism. It is pure evil at work.

STR Editor
Alex Tan