Photo of elderly Singaporean with Lee Hsien Loong portrait

In a press release yesterday (Dec 3), the Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced the setting up of a fake feedback exercise on next year’s Budget. According to MOF, Singaporeans can submit feedback on “how we plan for future needs” – hinting Singaporeans to suggest tax increases for the government:

“The MOF hope to gather views and suggestions from individuals, households and businesses on issues including “how our businesses can compete, how our people can seize new opportunities, how we care for and support one another, and how we plan for future needs.”

Singaporeans can provide their suggestions on various platforms over six weeks, however, their feedback will never be considered. Suggestions like “do not increase the GST”, “reduce the Ministerial million dollar salaries” or “one Minister for one Ministry” will not be entertained.

The Singapore dictatorship is bent on increasing the GST tax and making Singaporeans pay more for the increased infrastructure needs for a 6.9 million population.

A major spender of next year’s Budget will be public transport, where billions of taxes has always been channelled to subsidise the profitable duopoly companies, SMRT and SBS Transit.

The feedback exercise is meant as a publicity campaign to improve the reputation for the dictatorship, to appease the population’s demand for greater say in politics. Submissions will not be reviewed nor considered, and simply ended up straight into the trash bin. In fact, every year’s feedback exercise there is no mention of a single policy influenced by feedback contribution.

As Singaporeans are denied opposition representation (30% of the electoral popular votes are represented by only 6% opposition presence in Parliament), many feel disenfranchised and unrepresented. Following Lee Kuan Yew’s death, many ruling party voters also felt cheated when the country did not prosper as promised.