A Singaporean who wants to renounce his Singapore citizenship has been held hostage by the dictatorship government which refused to issue a police clearance certificate. According to state media Straits Times, Ashley Rozario is a permanent resident in Australia and has been living here since Jan 2011.

The Australia PR who vouched his loyalty to Australia applied for the Australian citizenship last year but he was rejected because the Singapore government refused to issue a police clearance certificate. According to the Singapore government, Ashley Rozario has to serve jail term for a sentence up to 3 years, because he did not report for conscription when he completed his polytechnic studies in Singapore. The Singapore Ministry of Defence insisted that he return to Singapore to be jailed for failing to serve the army.

The Singapore dictatorship also denied the renewal of his Singaporean passport in 2014 when it expired, effectively locking him up in Australia for life.

Ashley Rozario appealed to the Australian tribunal in Jan 2017 requesting that the Australian immigration excuse the police clearance requirement, but was rejected by the bureaucracy. The tribunal spokesperson said that he has “not exhausted all reasonable options” to resolve his outstanding issues in Singapore. However, that is tantamount to telling him to go to jail in Singapore.

Singaporean males born in Singapore have to serve 2 years of conscription slavery, subjugating themselves to the dictatorship government and indoctrination. New citizens and permanent residents are excused from National Service, resulting in severe bitterness against the government.