Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from RSF

Lee Hsien Loong is the current dictator Prime Minister of Singapore, a position he inherited from his former dictator Prime Minister father Lee Kuan Yew. Lee Hsien Loong’s governance emphasised on placing military generals and closely-knitted cronies as leadership core, and adopt cronyism over meritocracy in contrary to his predecessors.

2017 – Racist Presidential Election
With his 92% majority ruling party control in Parliament, Lee Hsien Loong fixed the Presidential Election by re-writing the Constitution (1 Apr 2017) as the former Constitution bans race-based elections. Lee Hsien Loong also appointed a 16-member Community Committee (23 Aug 2017) to turn his preferred choice of candidate, Halimah Yacob, an Indian Singaporean, to be counted as a “Malay” to qualify for the racist election reserved for the Malays.

Dictator Prime Minister of Singapore (since 3 Dec 2004)
MP of Ang Mo Kio GRC
Secretary General of ruling party PAP
Chairman of GIC

Yearly Salary:
Prime Minister – S$3,091,200 est. (before 2008)
Prime Minister – S$3,870,000 est. (2008-2012)
Prime Minister – S$2,200,000 est. (2013 -)
Chairman of GIC – Undisclosed

Calculation of Lee Hsien Loong’s bonus, known as National Bonus (maximum 6 months):

calculation from PSD

The National Bonus is a skewed formula derived by Lee Hsien Loong himself. Unemployment rate of Singapore citizens has never risen above 3.5% due to the absence of a Minimum Wage, hence guaranteeing him a 1.5 month bonus.

Former positions:
Finance Minister (10 Nov 2001 – 1 Dec 2007)
Deputy Prime Minister (28 Nov 1990 – 12 Aug 2004)

Personal details:
Born 10 Feb 1952
Family: Father, Lee Kuan Yew (deceased 23 Mar 2015)
Mother, Kwa Geok Choo (deceased 2 Oct 2010)
Younger sister, Lee Wei Ling
Younger brother, Lee Hsien Yang
First spouse, Dr Wong Ming Yang (deceased 28 Oct 1982, official death heart attack, rumored to have committed suicide after giving birth to an albino son)
Eldest son, Li Yipeng (Oct 1982 -)
Second son, Li Hongyi (1 May 1987 -)
Third son, Lee Hao Yi (1989 -)