Screenshot of Tony Tan from NDP video

Useless puppet former President Tony Tan who sat in his job doing nothing for 5 years have been appointed “special advisor” and director of GIC by dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong – who also sits as Chairman of GIC. The GIC invests using the national reserves and CPF fund of the people, through the purchase of Special Singapore Government Securities (SSGS).

It is not revealed how much salaries Tony Tan will be drawing, but as a director of a sovereign wealth fund company, he is estimated to be drawing at least S$1.5 million-a-year.

The interest rate of SSGS is determined by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Ministry of Finance, under the direct control of dictator PM Lee Hsien Loong. Like North Korea, the high level conflict of interest and corruption is condoned by Singaporeans who place blind trust in Lee Hsien Loong, believing he is incorruptible. Singaporeans are largely supportive of the ruling party dictatorship because they fear the defamation lawsuits which guaranteed them bankruptcy if they criticise Lee Hsien Loong. The corrupted judiciary abides by the corrupted legislation and never once ruled unfavourably against the ruling party PAP.

Former President Tony Tan’s successor, Halimah Yacob, won her election after Lee Hsien Loong disqualified her two other contestant opponents during the election. The fake Malay Singaporean Indian President is currently drawing S$1.87 million-a-year for doing nothing like her two predecessors – S R Nathan and Tony Tan – did.