Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from CNA

Speaking at the annual ruling party PAP convention, Prime Minister called for citizens to trust his dictatorship and support his “hard choices”:

“he people must support the PAP, and most of all, they must trust the PAP. They must know that the PAP cares about them, and is working to improve their lives.  It is also important to make hard choices, take difficult decisions and be upfront about it with Singaporeans. Explain to them why we need to do it, and get their support. Even if people may not like the specific policy, we must convince them that we are doing it with good intentions, and for good reasons. The PAP earned the people’s trust the hard way, and it must never take it for granted or fritter it away.”

The dictator PM claimed that his government has always been “honest”, and that westerners overseas are losing faith in their democracy:

“The PAP has always been honest with Singaporeans. We don’t just tell you what you want to hear. We level with you. Because we have been frank and honest, you know that the PAP means what it says, and delivers what it promises. Look at the Western democracies, the mainstream political parties in the UK and US are no longer seen to represent the common man’s interests. White, working-class Americans who voted for US President Donald Trump had lost faith not just in one leader or another, but in the whole system of politics and government. We must never let this happen in Singapore.”

Lee Hsien Loong then continued promoting his government claiming his MPs are “human and personal”:

“In the coming years, the trust between the PAP and the people will be tested, but will be more important than ever… People must know the PAP not as a remote, impersonal Government, but as their team, as a human, personal presence – your caring MP, your friendly branch secretary, people whom you know, people who have shown that they can get things done, and will help you through difficulties and improve your lives.”