Photo of Chinatown crowd from Twitter

Singapore’s public transport is crumbling down as it is unable to handle a 5.61 million population. According to Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan, the power stations were unable to handle the increased number of trains running to cope with the population growth. Since 2016, Singapore saw more than 10 power faults, 12 train faults and 5 track faults – not counting the signalling fault started in March 2017 this year. Of course if government statistics are to be believed, rail reliability improved 3 folds in the same period.

All breakdowns happened during peak hour period, either in the morning or evening rush. Economic losses from unproductive hours and repair work accumulated to more than hundreds of millions of dollars in the two years due to the unreliability of the train system. The Singapore government poured billions into the train system and it only gets worse.

There can only be one culprit: Lee Hsien Loong. The dictator Prime Minister’s ambitious plan for a 6.9 million population is ripping out infrastructure apart. To worsen the already overloaded public transport, the folly son of Lee Kuan Yew who puts himself above corruption investigation recently reduced COE quotas calling for a “car-lite” society. The lack of common sense is prevalent: how can the population grow while the demand for infrastructure and private transport stagnate?

As the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day. On the same note, Rome was not destroyed in a day either. Years of corruption from the elite ruling party is taking out Singapore piece by piece, and no sooner Singapore will just regress to below of it’s “third world and incompetent” neighbours the PAP so often look down upon.

The Singapore public transport system is just one of the many victims of the 6.9 million population policy. The employment market, salaries, cost of living, crime rate, inequality and birth rate have all suffered tremendously from it. Singapore has only one way forward: abolish the 6.9 million population policy. To do that, the people must choose to either continue be fools and hoodwinked by the lies of the legitimate dictatorship, or install a new government. Having another Lee Hsien Loong like Chan Chun Sing is only going to worsen the quality of life for everyone. Today’s slew of breakdowns and inconvenience is the price Singaporeans pay for their costly mistake of giving Lee Hsien Loong a 70% majority. What price will our children of tomorrow pay by 2020?

STR Editor
Alex Tan