Photo of overcrowding from train fault from Straits Times

SMRT strike jackpot today: the 3rd train breakdown has just taken place during the peak hour evening period at around 5pm. Trains running on the North-South Line were delayed by more than 40 minutes due to a “software glitch”, says SMRT.

There were no train service between Yishun and Bishan station, and trains travelling along all other NSL stations stopped for over 15 minutes before moving slowly to the next station. Chaos ensued in all train stations in the overpopulated island with jam-packed overcrowding in all NSL stations.

SMRT posted on Twitter saying they are sending out fewer trains but no explanation was given why such a decision was given:

“[NSL]: Due to fewer trains serving the NSL this evening, please cater additional 15 minutes train travel time.”

This is the third train breakdown following two separate breakdown incident at the East-West Line and North-South Line earlier during the peak hour morning. The East-West Line also saw a major train collision incident resulted from the new signalling software, causing 26 to be hospitalised with two seriously injured.