(Left to right) Li Hao Yi, Li Shengwu, Lee Hsien Loong, Ho Ching and Li Hong Yi

Dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s former private lawyer-turned-Attorney General, Lucien Wong, will be proceeding charges against the PM’s nephew, Li Shengwu, for contempt of court. The case’s first pre-trial conference took place in the Supreme Court today (Nov 13).

According to AG Lucien Wong, the PM’s nephew was charged for a private Facebook post which criticised the Singapore court as “pliant”. The move followed Lee Hsien Loong’s expulsion of Li Shengwu’s father and his younger brother, Lee Hsien Yang. Lee Hsien Yang and his wife have self-exiled themselves to Hongkong in May 2017, and have not returned as the dictator PM wanted to charge them for falsifying their father’s will.

In 2016, Lee Hsien Loong created a new law making “contempt of court” charge a “criminal offence”. This meant that anyone charged can be arrested and detained immediately, and that the charge will warrant a lengthier jail sentence and higher maximum fine.

Li Shengwu confirmed in Aug this year saying that he will not return to Singapore to contest the charges laid by his uncle PM. The dictator was unable to arrest his nephew as Li Shengwu escaped from Singapore a week earlier than planned. Li Shengwu is currently a junior fellow with Harvard University, and he will be taking up a teaching position with the Ivy-league university next October.