Photo of Chee Hong Tat from CNA

Dodging questions. Not taking debates seriously. Distract discourse with political low blows.

These are common traits of the present leadership in Singapore Parliament today and Singapore is feeding S$51 million-a-year of these corrupted jiak liao bees (local hokkien term for useless bums, literal meaning: “wasteful rice eaters”). The cesspool Singapore called “first world Parliamentarians” has a winner in this week’s Parliament hearing: Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information Chee Hong Tat.

Two notable episodes of the Singlish-speaking Minister this week left the public reasonably fuming. First debate: Public access to video of Parliamentary proceedings and live feed. When questioned why is the public not allowed free access to video footage of Parliament debates, the esteemed Minister referred to the 154th-ranking stae media and said, “We have Mediacorp.” When questioned again why is Mediacorp not airing videos of important debates like the recent racist Presidential election ruling, Minister Chee Hong Tat said, “No demand”.

Unable to handle further questions, Minister Chee Hong Tat played the despicable man and slammed his victim, Opposition NCMP Leon Perera, calling him “unethical and unfair to score political points” for questioning the state media’s integrity.

In another debate, Opposition NCMP Leon Perera asked the government why is e-cigarettes not allowed since it helps smokers to quit. The sorry scum of a Minister again took the stand and answered his question with a question: “Are you profiting from the legalisation of e-cigarettes?” Minister Chee Hong Tat distastefully avoided answering the question by hitting below the belt, and the distract Opposition NCMP spent his next few precious Parliamentary minutes clarifying that he has no financial interests in the legislation. The Minister’s sneaky smirk was captured on video, exemplifying the exuberance of the modern day robber.

The other two runner ups who made honourable mentions as jiak liao bees goes to Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan and Minister of National Development Lawrence Wong. Minister Khaw Boon Wan whipped up a drama absolving himself of any “regulatory oversights”, while Minister Lawrence Wong spew nonsense about GIC losing money equating to “long term investing”.

It is no wonder Singapore’s politics is going down the gutter when there are sewage rats for Ministers.