SMRT saw it’s third and fourth breakdown in a week last night (Nov 10) and stopped all East-bound train services on the East-West Line (EWL). From 11.15pm until the end of service at midnight, the disruption happened after the first train fault occurred at Outram Park station.

Shortly after a service train was deployed to push the faulty train, the service train also broke down at Paya Lebar station, and SMRT deployed another service train to push the two faulty trains.

According to SMRT, the two train faults are not related to the ongoing signalling test, which is expected to see more breakdowns and service delays during it’s “teething period”.

According to a commuter interviewed by state media Straits Times, SMRT did not explain why there was no train service and their public announcement were barely audible.

Just earlier this week in Parliament, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan attributed government statistics claiming rail reliability has improved three times:

“For our MRT network, it has improved significantly from 133,000 train-km in 2015 to 425,000 train-km this year. For years, it could not even reach 100,000 train-km. That is how far we have come. The improvement is real and significant and is experienced by all the 5 MRT lines, including the oldest North-South and East-West Lines.”

SMRT has been taking the headlines recently over corruption cases which saw the falsification of maintenance records. The higher management was however protected from punishments and it’s two former army generals CEOs, Desmond Kuek and Lee Ling Wee, remained unharmed.