Photo from Facebook

Transport operator SBS Transit issued an apology to a victim yesterday (Nov 4) over an incident when the latter was cut by several protruding staple found on the bus seat. SBS Transit spokesperson Tammy Tan said that the bus has been recalled but did not comment whether the “protruding staple” is a design or manufacturer defect.

The victim posted on Facebook pictures of the sharp points on the seat and the bloodied cut on her fingers:

“Was on the bus (SBS6691S, Bus service 240) today with my sister and luckily she was wearing jeans. While alighting the bus, I placed my right hand on the seat beside me for support as I was carrying a lot of bags. Immediately, I felt a sharp pain and almost instantly, I saw that my hand was starting to bleed. I took a closer look at the seat and realised that someone had intentionally inserted 4 metal (needles?/staples?) into the seat, so deeply embedded that they could not be easily seen if not paying extra close attention, just like myself. Hope that no one else will encounter this. Be careful when taking public transport next time.”

SBS Transit issued an apology to the victim in a response email but made no mention of any compensation or offer of free blood test. It is also unknown how many other buses are affected with the same design.