Photo of Belmont Lay from Facebook

Government-owned propaganda website notorious for publishing fake news,, has resorted to defamation to smear the reputation of government dissident Amos Yee who recently was granted asylum by the United States government.

In a toxic-penned letter by Belmont Lay, a fake news writer who was behind, put up a click-bait headlines claiming Amos Yee rather beg than get a job:

‘Amos Yee resorts to begging for money online to feed video-making hobby: He said he would rather borrow money than find a job.”

In usual mudslinging tactic employed typically by Straits Times, misrepresented Amos Yee’s Facebook posts which called for funding from his supporters. Government-hired trolls, believed to be from the Ministry of Information and Communications’s Internet Brigade, joined in the online bullying of the 18-year-old, with numerous abuses and vulgarities.

Amos Yee is currently living in a rural area in Illinois US after he was given clearance for asylum. The talented YouTube filmmaker was wrongfully jailed in Singapore for multiple offenses as he insulted dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his father Lee Kuan Yew. You may view Amos Yee’s latest video here.