Photo of Desmond Kuek from Facebook video

According to SMRT employees, the government transport operator offered to excuse any staff of negligence if they own up to any negligent act leading to the flooding of the train tunnel on Oct 7. The “amnesty period” will end today (Nov 3) following the start of a “wide-scale inspection and audit” today, and staff found to have breached work procedures will be penalised.

SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek, a former army general with zero experience in the private sector, told state media reporters of his latest army-style management:

“In order to quickly establish the extent of such improper practices, an amnesty period was allowed for staff to volunteer information in open reporting as a mitigation against further disciplinary action.”

The move by SMRT is most likely a result of nobody in the organisation owning up to the negligence including the falsification of maintenance records. In a preliminary investigation report announced earlier this week, the maintenance record of water pump system was found to have been ticked off despite having no evidence of permits of facilities access record. The records were found to have being falsified for three quarterly reports – Dec 2016, Mar and June 2017.

Unless his predecessor, the current SMRT CEO is a crony of the ruling party government and he was never held responsible for the increasing number of train breakdowns and disruptions.