Photo of Bangladeshi workers from Reuters

A Singapore permanent resident employer has been charged for extorting his foreign workers employees to pay him or be sent home. According to the Ministry of Manpower in their press release, the director of Hong Lu Engineering and managing director of Trusty Aluminium,  Chen Quan – a China national – collected a total of S$64,000 from 21 foreign workers using the same threat.

Each worker was told to pay a few hundred dollars each month in cash back to the boss upon receiving their salaries. In the year between Sep 2015 and July 2016, the kickbacks averaged between S$2,500 and S$4,000 a month. Chen Quan’s Bangladeshi employee, 29-year-old Monir Hossain Abdul Malek, collected the money from his fellow foreign workers colleagues on his behalf. Both are facing a maximum jail term of 2 years for each charge of collecting salaries kickbacks.

The China national is also facing an additional charge of failing to pay overtime and basic salaries of 10 workers, amounting to S$32,000 in total.

Just last month, another China national with a Singapore permanent residency was jailed for collecting salaries kickbacks. Yuan Shungao, 46, of Yuan Chun Contractor, was jailed 6 weeks for employing similar threat tactics on his foreign workers to pay up or be sent home.