According to an independent poll on Facebook, nearly all Singaporeans surveyed believe Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan should be held responsible for the worsening state of rail reliability. 420 survey respondents contributed to the survey conducted over 10 days.

46.9%, or 197 respondents, prefer Khaw Boon Wan to resign like his predecessor Lui Tuck Yew did, and make way for a more competent person to take charge of public transport. 29%, or 122 respondents, wants to see Khaw Boon Wan face an impeachment, and be investigated for any criminal charge including negligence of duty. 14%, or 59, hope to see the S$1.3 million-a-year Transport Minister make financial restitution to the public as he failed to meet the KPI of delivering an affordable and reliable public transport system.

You may view the survey result here

Only 1.4% believe the Transport Minister should not be responsible for train reliability.

Just earlier this week, Minister Khaw Boon Wan raised public transport fares by 4.2% and refused to pass a 5.4% discount based off a structured fare formula. The Minister has also conveniently pushed all blame to SMRT, and the media for highlighting reports on train breakdowns.