Photo of Khaw Boon Wan from Yahoo

In an announcement on fare revisions today (Oct 31), the government’s Public Transport Council (PTC) openly cheated Singaporean commuters by refusing to pass 5.4% discount calculated based on the current fare formula. Fare prices were also increased with pre-travel commute previously free, now being charged full fare minus 50 cents.

The PTC also issued a fake news claiming that fare prices have reduced 2.2%, by inaccurately focusing on a 50 cents discount that is available only off-peak. PTC claimed that a “remaining 3.2%” will be “rolled over” to next year. The actual fare revision is calculated to be a 4.2% increase based on an adult fare having to pay S$1.10 during off-peak hours. The government did not explain why a full discount is not handed over and why it is not following the fare formula.

PTC also issued another half-truth claiming that SMRT and SBS Transit will suffer an estimated S$40 million loss in revenue, however the amount is just an estimation plucked from thin air with no evidence backing their projections:

“The fare reduction of 2.2 per cent translates to a combined reduction of S$40.1 million a year in fare revenue, with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and rail operator SMRT bearing the brunt in loss of revenue. The council estimates that the LTA will see a S$20.2 million decrease in fare revenue, while SMRT will see a drop of S$15.1 million. SBS Transit is also estimated to incur a S$4.8 million decrease in revenue.”

The dishonest government agency also insisted that the current fares is “affordable” and that the price should not be reduced despite the fall in service quality from increasing train breakdowns:

“We found current fares to be generally affordable, after taking into consideration feedback from commuters and focused group discussions. The council also decided to keep the remaining 3.2 per cent possible reduction as a buffer for rising manpower and operation costs.”