Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from CNBC

Dictator PM Lee Hsien Loong has ordered a new carbon tax to be implemented by 2019, with electricity bill seeing the largest increase as power stations are the main carbon emitters. The new carbon tax will be between S$10 and S$20 per tonne of greenhouse gas emissions from 2019. According to state media CNA, a 4-room HDB apartment will see an estimated increase up to S$3.30 a month in their electricity bill.

The new carbon tax will also indirectly raise the cost of businesses jacking up prices across all industries. This new tax is the latest after several raises in taxes like the 30% water prices in July, 14% in electricity tariffs in May, carpark charges, cross-border tolls, ERP rates and coming 4.2% transport fares in Dec.

The Prime Minister Office is also holding a fake public consultation exercise on the Carbon Pricing Bill and asking for “feedback”. No objection will however be considered. Proposals from the “public consultation” may not be considered as the farce is meant to improve the image of the dictatorship.

The Prime Minister is also proposing a “pay-first” system to collect the tax in pre-payment credits.