Photo from NUS

A Singapore government university researcher from Belarus has been let off with only a S$3,000 fine by the Singapore Court yesterday (Oct 30), despite having harassed and molested a beer promoter at a local coffeeshop.

At around 6.30pm on July 22, Dymkou Siarhei, 39, went to a coffeeshop in Woodlands for a drink and ordered two beer from a 29-year-old beer promoter. The promoter knew that the foreigner has previously harassed other beer promoters at the coffeeshop and kept her distance from the notorious pervert.

Dymkou then started his harassment telling the lady to stand closer to her or else he would not pay. The Asian beer lady complied with the ang moh’s demand, hoping that nothing would happen. The Singapore foreign talent on a well-paid government payroll since 2011 then teased the lady asking her to repeat the price of the payment 8 times and repeatedly asked her to move closer.

When the lady started counting the payment, the ang moh squeezed her buttocks. The victim walked away as she “did not want any trouble”. A few other Singaporean patrons saw the act and started scolding the ang moh. The westerner then started challenging the elderly Singaporeans who confronted him over the molest and the police was called.

During his arrest, a video revealed that the NUS researcher resisted to be handcuffed and required assistance from a member of the public to subdue him:

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Tan Zhi Xiang made several condemning statements against the molester in court yesterday but only asked for a S$3,000 fine:

“The 19.9 per cent rise in the number of outrage of modesty cases for the first nine months of this year highlighted the need for general deterrence.”

No harassment charge or resisting to arrest charge was raised and no compensation was ordered for the victim. The Singapore Court joined in the folly and did not pass a caning or jail sentence.