Photo of Lee Hsien Loong and military cronies from CNA

Speaking at the 50th year NS party yesterday (Oct 30), dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has called out to all Singaporean males to serve National Service conscription to “become men”:

“National Service has become a national institution and a rite of passage for Singaporean males, regardless of race religion or social background. NS is where boys grow up to become men, forging bonds that last for life, through blood, sweat and tears. That is why years after ORD, many of us still make time to meet up with our NS buddies and feel joyful when we bump into old comrades. And tonight, I am happy to be meeting some of my old artillery comrades as we say – once a gunner, always a gunner!”

Propaganda state media CNA also featured interviews with Lee Hsien Loong’s former military compatriots, who were also elites and privileged cronies of the ruling party government. A former lieutenant colonel, Tan Seng Poh, poured praises for the dictator PM:

“Even though it was known that Mr Lee was the son of Singapore’s first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew, he behaved “like one of us…At that time, recruits were asked to cut grass and we would normally give them about an hour to do it. Most of the officers would have gone to the mess to have a drink, but he stayed on throughout with the recruits. When I was taking over from him at 23SA, he also handed me his personal lantern, which had an FM radio as part of the system,” Mr Choy added. “He went, please have this, I don’t need it anymore. Unfortunately, I don’t have it anymore, otherwise it would have gone to the army museum!”

Lee Hsien Loong holds the record of being the younger Brigadier General in history. The effeminate PM rose through military ranks because his father Lee Kuan Yew was dictator Prime Minister of Singapore. Lee Hsien Loong took over the PM throne from his father through cronyism in the fascist dictatorship under PAP.