Photo of Chan Chun Sing from PA

Speaking to ruling party PAP grassroots leaders at the People’s Association headquarters, Minister of State Chan Chun Sing claimed that Singaporeans who pursue different causes are harming social cohesion:

“The shifting geopolitical forces, technological disruption, the rise of more cause-based groups and radical religious ideologies share one common thread – they pose a threat to Singapore’s social cohesion…Today, the country is also witnessing the rise of a diversity of causes being pursued. Although it is good that Singaporeans are more cause conscious, there is an underlying challenge: How can individuals pursue various interests but remain united and not divisive. Even as passion runs high, we must remember we’ll always put our country first.”

The former army general PAP Minister did not specify a particular group but he was tacitly referring to rising anti-dictatorship sentiments and other segment of society who pursue causes that do not toe the government line. In Sep, PAP proxy Halimah Yacob was appointed President through the disqualification of her opponent contestants. The undemocratic power grabbing created severe divisions even within the PAP supporter camp. Many stoned Halimah Yacob for being ineligible as she is an Indian Singaporean, while others pointed out that becoming President through an electoral walkover is literally corruption.

Minister Chan Chun Sing is currently a forerunner to take over Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong due to his connection with the powerful Lee family.