Photo of arranged photoshoot of Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan on crowded train on Oct 19 by ASS

The Singapore Police made a rare press release today (Oct 22) highlighting that the number of molest cases have jumped an alarming 20% in the first 9 months of 2017.

Outrage of modesty cases totalled 1,168 between Jan and Sep this year, an increase of 20% or 194 cases compared to the same period last year.

At an increase of 49% from a year ago, the key jump in molest cases occurred in Singapore’s public transport, which is mostly overcrowded due to overpopulation and train service delays. There were 152 reported cases of molest in public transport, while 76 cases took place in entertainment areas like clubs and bars.

Reported molest cases are believed to be significantly lower than reality as many victims felt ashamed of the being molest, while others find it troublesome to report gropers.

The Singapore Police did not give a breakdown on the nationality of the arrested molesters, but several high profile molest cases involving foreigners have recently taken headlines. Earlier this month, an Indian national businessman was jailed 7 months for molesting his nurse who was caring for his cancer-stricken wife. In the same month, an Indian national foreign student was jailed three years for aggravated molest on a Burmese domestic helper at a HDB neighbourhood. Last month, an Indian national construction worker was jailed 4 weeks for touching a woman’s thigh at Chua Chu Kang station.

There has been proposal for a women-only train carriage due to the increase in molest cases in Singapore, but the Singapore authorities are reluctant because they do not see rising molest cases as an issue and that having such carriages smear the reputation of the dictatorship.