Photo of Ong Ye Kung from Wee Teck Hian from TodayOnline

Speaking to state media reporters in Mandarin, Education Minister Ong Ye Kung said that Singaporeans are ignorant of what skills to pick up (translation by States Times Review) :

“Singaporeans understand there is a need to upgrade themselves and follow up on technological developments, but the problem is many are ignorant of what skills to pick up.”

The Education Minister who has never worked a day in the private sector said Singapore employers should not look at paper qualifications. Minister Ong Ye Kung then waxed lyrical about hiring the ideal candidate:

“Relevant skills are important in the new economy, so employers should not only look at paper qualifications. Success is not only about qualifications, it is a process, a standard, and so there should be a balance. Skills and capabilities can measure standards, but one should look at a candidate’s performance, values and attitude.”

Minister Ong Ye Kung then said that he will be introducing a new standard consultancy platform to help employees understand their abilities. The rookie Minister who shares half the profile of the “easy ministry”, said Singaporeans may not be able to use the skills they currently possess but they have to continue learning.