Singapore national team from the Football Association of Singapore

Like Singapore’s press freedom, Singapore’s national football team now ranks at it’s lowest at 173th ranking on FIFA. The FIFA table released on Monday (Oct 16) revealed that Singapore’s ranking fell 11 places this year. A check on the national football matches statistics found that Singapore has not won in 12 matches, with the last win a year ago in Nov 2016.

The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) has no comment on the worsening state of Singapore football. After decades of government intervention, the latest FAS management elected in May this year is the first without a PAP MP sitting in the director. Former FAS Chairman and also former PAP MP Zainudin Nordin was investigated for corruption but the authorities covered up the investigation result.

The Minister of Sports, Grace Fu, is also unavailable for comments over the shameful FIFA ranking news. Incidentally, during in last month’s Parliament hearing, Law Minister K Shanmugam defended Singapore’s poor ranking in press freedom and claimed that unfavourable international rankings are fake news. The Law Minister did not comment on the FIFA ranking.