Screenshot of Facebook video Tan Chuan Jin

In an open corruption admission by the ruling party government, Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan Jin confirmed that the dictatorship will re-write the Constitutions again and rig the Presidential Election further in the future. Speaker Tan Chuan Jin told a forum of 150 young people on Sunday (Oct 8) that “reviews” will need to be made:

“Even though provisions have been made to ensure that minorities are elected president from time to time, the elected presidency may need to be reviewed down the road, as Singapore’s racial make-up evolves.This is because the lines between different races will begin to blur with more mixed marriages.”

Knowing the PAP-endorsed Presidential candidate will unlikely win in an election in the future, Speaker Tan Chuan Jin also said the dictatorship will consider changing the Constitutions again that future Presidents will be appointed instead of elected:

“The elected presidency system has been reviewed and tweaked over the years to keep with the times and would probably be refreshed in future as well. One option to ensuring the system remains representative is the old way of appointing presidents.”

Speaker Tan Chuan Jin then made up a fake excuse claiming that there is an “unspoken rule” for the President position to be “rotated”:

“This was mooted by a Constitutional Commission reviewing the elected presidency last year. It had said the Government could, at some stage, consider separating the custodial and ceremonial roles of the President and return to having Parliament appoint the President. Under this system, that was in place until 1991, there was an unspoken rule that saw the role being rotated among the major racial group.”

The PAP MP claimed that France is a country that failed the ethos of multiculturalism and that is why Singapore has to be racist when making up electoral rules:

“For example France, ethnic enclaves have sprung up in countries where policies ignore these differences and strive to be colourblind.”