Littering at the Laneway Festival at Gardens By the Bay in 2015 by Today

Government university Singapore Management University (SMU) has issued a fake news claiming Singaporeans are responsible for littering in public spaces. NUS published their conclusion after conducting a survey among local residents:

“Pro-social behaviours, such as picking up and properly disposing litter at a public area and clearing up of one’s own utensils at hawker centres, are not yet entrenched as a culture. More can be done to co-create a culture where every individual plays their part to remind others not to litter, and to help pick up and properly dispose of garbage or litter.”

However, Singapore’s demographics today see more than 47% of the population being foreigners. Coupled with poor immigration policies of the ruling party dictatorship, most new citizens and permanent residents hail from third world countries like China, Philippines, India and other poverty-stricken Asian countries.

Furthermore, events like concerts, marathons and the F1 are most attended by foreigners and not supported by Singaporean citizens. The survey also inaccurately lumped Permanent Residents as part of the survey, when the group are essentially foreigners.

You may view SMU’s fake news published by state media Todayonline here.

Screenshot from Facebook

State media CNA has also joined in the bashing of Singaporeans using the survey result.