Photo of IV tube left by NTFGH from Facebook

After an elderly patient was discharged from the emergency ward at Singapore’s newest hospital Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (NTFGH), she went home only to find an IV tube needle still stuck on her left arm. When confronted on the phone by the elderly’s son William Seah, the hospital staff astonishingly advised him to remove the needle by himself. William Seah posted photos and recounted his experience on Facebook:

“…when my exhausted mum took off her jacket, only to realise that you left a “present” for her, in the form of needle (for IV) NOT REMOVED!! Called the hospital and was told it was easy to remove by ourselves else have to return to the hospital.”

According to William Seah, the hospital also completed the discharge of the elderly patient at 4am and arranged an appointment a few hours later at 8.45am. The hospital refused to reschedule the appointment and also refused to check in the patient into a temporary resting area.

The hospital senior management subsequently met up with the patient and William Seah following a complaint, and also said they have launched an internal investigation on the incident.

NTFGH has covered up the incident and did not make a press release.