Photo of Bai Jia Ming from Straits Times

A China national with Singapore permanent residency has been fined S$7,000 for claiming GST returns. Bai Jia Ming, 31, a researcher with government stat board A*Star, bought a S$23,600 Tiffany diamond ring and a Prada bag in March 2017.

The China national then asked his fellow China national colleague, Zhang Bai Cheng, to get his 61-year-old father, Zhang Yao Qun, to file for a GST return of S$1,792.

On March 11, Bai Jia Ming bought an one-way ticket to Jakarta to enter the transit area with his colleague Zhang Bai Cheng and his colleague’s father Zhang Yao Qun. The latter two China men had bought return tickets to Bangkok. At the transit area, Zhang Yao Qun obtained S$1,792 in GST return and passed it to the Singapore permanent resident. However Bai Jia Ming was stopped when he tried to leave the transit area without boarding the plane.

A*Star told media reporters that Bai Jia Ming is no longer an employee. It is unknown whether Bai Jia Ming’s permanent residency would be revoked.