Photo of Law Minister K Shanmugam from AFP

Dear Law Minister K Shanmugam,

Given the tenacity of your dictatorial behaviour, I am surprised you have let States Times Review, a fake news website as you claimed, to continue operating. Blocking the website should be as easy as flicking a switch for the propaganda Ministry of Information and Communications, you simply have to instruct so. After all, exercising a ministerial’s expressed order is fully within your prerogative. Why aren’t you doing it, I wonder.

Can’t you see your government’s credibility is peeling away layer by layer through States Times Review? The website you called fake news has higher readership than your 154th-ranking Straits Times – not bad for an one-man part-time website, imagine the damage once I gather a full-time team. Since my times in The Real Singapore, I have been consistently writing for the past 5 years, rest assured another 5 years of writing will deal you more damage since you do not start taking States Times Review as a serious threat to your dictatorship.

Thanks to STR, Singaporeans today are more open to calling your government corrupted. They started reading independent news reports and no longer subscribe to Straits Times. Of course, mindsets are already changing but STR’s role has always been a catalyst. Like all fallen dictatorship regime in history, I can assure you the downfall of your government with a new Prime Minister and ruling party means you are going to jail. I strongly advise you delay your demise by removing catalysts accelerating the change in people’s mindsets.

Since blocking STR is legally viable, why not abuse your powers like you always do and nobody will be there to call you corrupted and denounce your dictatorial powers in Singapore. Besides, blocking the website will put you in the good books of Lee Hsien Loong – unlike your usual obedient tail-wagging, this will guarantee your position as Law Minister for the next 10 years.

I honestly find it ludicrous most Singaporeans take your legal threats seriously when they are full of loopholes and lacking logical conviction. Perhaps because you know the Court is pliant to your esteemed ministerial wishes, hence your combative tone. Your tough barking over fake news has no effect on me in Australia, I am fully out of your corrupted jurisdiction. Your corrupted laws do not apply to me, fight me in the Australian court. Or if you wish, contest in a single member constituency in 2020 and I will gladly return to put my name on the nomination.

States Times Review Editor
Alex Tan